💼📘 Economic Survey & Budget 2021 #Win21CSP Mrunal's Daily Current Affairs:UPSC-Jan-29-2021(IE)- WTO - Naukri Jobs


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Sunday, 21 February 2021

💼📘 Economic Survey & Budget 2021 #Win21CSP Mrunal's Daily Current Affairs:UPSC-Jan-29-2021(IE)- WTO

From Mid-Feb-2021 Mrunal’s free Win21CSP Economy updates Series covering latest Budget, Economic Survey & Economic Current Affairs from 2020-Oct to 2021-May:
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📰🎙Daily Current:
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00:00 – Budget & Economic Survey Utility
04:22 – Mrunal’s Win21CSP Series
08:05 – Page1
09:01 – GSM4 Case Study: Cow Research
13:41 – Columns
15:54 – GSM4 Case Study: RTI
21:06 – Explained: President Address
22:28 – World: Pak Basmati GI
24:14 – Economy: WTO-ITA

⏩ Jobs👩‍💻
→ Rajasthan cooperative board: Asst. manager, Accountant officers, Chemists etc
⏩ Polity⚖
⚾📻⚾🎓✋ unziping pants not Child Sexual Assault in POSCO Act- case ki ball by ball commentary.| Bengal Assembly passes resolution against farm laws
→ Article 87 Joint sitting for President address. 1) new house after new election 2) every year 1st session. Similar in British monarch, American President, Govt of India Act 1919 → Governor general address. Post independence 1st address: 31/1/1950.
→ January 28, 1950: 1st sitting of SC so 71 Years completed
→ SC Expresses displeasure that “Government not doing anything about inflammatory/instigating content on TV” Case related to Tablighi Jamaat corona news spreading communal hatred.
⏩ Economy💳
→ WTO Information Technology agreement 1996- Signatory parties to ⏬ customs duty on selected electronic goods to 0%. India signed in 1997 but could not benefit due to low capacity of local mfg. Now looking to restart.
→ Pakistan registered basmati rice as a geographical indication (GI) under its national law. Fighting against India @EU for the tag.
⚾📻⚾🎓✋ Gamestop shares prices & short squeeze trading in USA by Reddit social media crowd.
⏩ Science🧪
→ INDIAN Medical Association (IMA) going on hunger strike against ‘mixopathy’. Ref Mrunal’s EXCEL for “Ayurvedic doctor allowed to do surgery”
⏩ Ethics GSM4☯
→ Junagadh Agricultural University conducting research on indigenous cattle breeds (Gir, Kankrej, Jaffrabadi, etc.) For the research purpose only need to keep one third of the calvings. Rest to be sold to farmers in auction @60k to 1l per animal- Which further helps ₹₹ for research. In past some instances of auction malpractices & slaughterhouses buying them in auction. Animal rights activist protest → University administration stopped auctions. 100 unnecessary extra animals in university- Draining the man & material resources in their care and maintenance. As new VC, what will you do? Ans. “Policy paralysis” of not doing the work because a protest/Possibility of corruption= “Not officer like quality. 1) Letter to govt & Animal rights groups & Local journalists and farm leaders explaining the situation and seeking their support. 2) re-starting auction with more transparency and precautions e.g. Only verified farmers will be allowed to participate, minimum bid amount “X” etc. 3] University officials will visit farmer every 3-6 months to ensure its not sold to slaughterhouse/discarded for atleast “X” years etc.
→ RTI: 1) Bus conductor Manish filed 170 RTIs against govt officials with cantankerous mentality. 2) Class 3 health worker Deepa residing in Class2 officer level govt house. When a new Class2 officer posted, she refused to vacate the house. Both since filed 21 RTIs against each other & over 1000 emails from police to Prime Minister’s office. Guj State Govt writes to the State Information Commissioner to Blacklist these people for wasting PIO’s time. What will u do? Ans 1) RTI Act does not have provisions to Blacklist citizens. Citizen also not required to disclose any reasons why they want info. for Blackmailing revenge. [2) RTI Section7: Govt not required to give information if it is disproportionately diverting the public resources e.g. 1995-96 what was the number of passengers & ticket sales of Bus “X” on “Y” route? Difficult for the PIO to waste entire day searching paper archives. He may refuse to give info, cite the reasons in writing. [3) Vacating govt house= Govt shd take appropriate action under IPC.
→ “If freedom of speech is taken away, then, we may be led to slaughter like dumb and silent sheep”- George Washington
⚾📻⚾ India today cuts salary of Journalist Rajdeep sardesai for wrong tweet on farmer protest
🎧View Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAMBum9_RkuO2A9NqoQ_yzdrygqK0JG6n
🗯🙋‍♀️Q) What is this video-series?
I’m simply “commenting” what was relevant from current news items for competitive exams in India such as UPSC,IAS/IPS,CDS,CAPF,IES,SSC,IBPS,RBI,SEBI,StatePCS etc from today’s Indian Express (IE).

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