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Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Global Online Quiz - Edition #10

Welcome to the 10th edition of The Global Online Quiz!
Grab a drink, get your team together & enjoy the fun!
⬇️ More info...

⏰ The show starts at 20:30 Netherlands time (UTC +2) on Saturday October 24th 2020
Check your local time here:
We might start a couple minutes late if people are still joining.


❤️ Did you enjoy the quiz? Pay what you want!
Please contribute if you’re able to, so we can keep hosting The Global Online Quiz.


👍 Remember: It’s all about the fun. Everyone is a winner!
Don’t use google. Don’t write answers in the comments.


📝 Make sure to have a pen & answer sheets ready.
You can print ours:
Or just use a simple notepad.


🏆 You can submit your final score if you’d like to be included in our ranking:
The ranking will be published on our Facebook page:


📷 Tag you team pictures on social media using #globalquiz


🔄 If you are all separately watching the live stream, there may be a small difference (up to a few seconds) in timing between your individual streams. There's nothing we can do about this - you could try to refresh the stream to minimise it.


💬 Use the live chat to say hi, tell us where you are from & share your score. If the chat is bothering you or obstructing your view, you can hide it. Depending on your device, either click on “HIDE CHAT” below the chat or click on the chat icon (the "speech balloon") at the top of the live stream screen.


More information:

#pubquiz #quiz #quiznight


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